Types of Squirrels

Between rodents are included several families, and our topic of the conversation today is a member of one of them. The different types of squirrels are group in the Sciuridae family.

Squirrel’s family is a big one, and it is conformed by chipmunks squirrels, tree squirrels, flying squirrels, marmots, ground squirrels , and several other  members.

The Americas, Africa and Eurasia are the places from where the squirrels originate, and their old ancestors can be traced back from 56 to 33.9 million years ago.

We have prepared a brief review about the most common types of squirrels that can be seen nowadays in the USA;

American red squirrel

Being a mammal the American red is a small squirrel that looks out his territory during his day time journey.  Also is a member of the pine squirrels group that is spread all over the USA, where you can find any kind of conifers outside of the west coast.

Living from the consumption of seeds that comes from conifers, these small rodents can weigh from 7 to 9 ounces, and lately has been seen exploring hardwood forests that before were outside of their area of interest.

The females individuals of the American Red Squirrel have one day of estrus , but being a highly territorial animal, the fact that go outside of their territory days before her new status, is considered by experts like a way to show to their numerous pretenders  that  the right day has come.

At the end of the hard competition between the male squirrels to conquer the favor of the desired female, she will have mated a considerable number of them that can be anything from 4 to 16 of her opposite gender representatives.

The beginning of the breeding age for the ladies normally start when they are 1 year of age and the gestation period is extended from 31 to 35 days.

Fox Squirrels



This squirrel is particularly recognized because is the biggest of the squirrels that are originated in the USA.  One singularity of them is that depending on the area that they come from, they display different colors.

Both genres are physically similar, and everywhere the individuals have the upper body of a brownish color and the opposite part of the body a more orangish brown color. In some areas of the south of America there are exceptions that show a body fully coated in a kind of black shade.

The climbing efforts that they have to develop are helped for a strong abdominal muscles and nails that are sharp enough to rise over the trees. Their strong senses of smell and hearing add to the exceptional sight which are characteristic in them.

Southern flying Squirrels

There are 3 kinds of flying squirrels in the USA, and the also named “Assapan” or southern flying squirrel, lives mostly in woods that are located near the Atlantic coast of America from the border with Canada to the state of Florida, even though they  have been also seen in some areas of Central America and Canada.

They are distinctive because their particular creamy shade that display in the underneath part of their body and also for their grayish brown on the top of it.

The feature that makes them possible to fly is a membrane that goes between the superior and inferior legs, called patagium.

Being a nocturnal squirrel, the southern flying, collect their nuts and fruits from oaks of both colors white and red, storing it for the months of bad weather when is more difficult to get it.

The wean periods for these types of rodents is a little more than 2 months, and take about 40 days after the mating to be born.  After a period of about a month the small squirrels can open their eyes, and generally have to wait for another 3 before to be autonomous.

Some important information about the southern flying squirrel is that they can transmit some form of typhus, and it is necessary to take the due precautions avoiding the contact especially with kids.

Eastern Gray Squirrel


The scientific name for the eastern gray squirrel is “Sciurus carolinensis”, and how it can be deducted comes from the eastern region of North America. Being considered in some parts of the world an invasive species, in America is regarded as a crucial participant in the regeneration of the woods in the areas that they inhabit.

Also called grey squirrel in some areas, the mammal is a tree squirrel which sometimes is also found in the Midwest of the USA, where is often confused with other squirrel that inhabit the region, particularly the fox squirrel.

These types of squirrels are considered invasive in some countries of Europe, due to the fact that they have taken control of some areas that another kind of squirrels used to be the inhabitants.


The amount of different type of squirrels around the world is great, but we have tried to synthesized  reviews for the squirrels that we consider are most important in North America.Th 4 variety of these rodents that we have chosen, are very representative of the squirrel that today populate the USA, and we hope that the readers of our reviews could learn something that the y didn’t know before about them.

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