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A good Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole is the one that blocks the squirrels from ascending the pol to access the seeds storage that is usually hanging from an arm of the pole. There are several kinds of anti squirrels bird feeder poles and the most effective are the poles that include a baffle that denies them the entry to the feeding area.Sometimes this accsesories are of huge help to get the best squirrel proof bird feeder


                             Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof

                              2 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set

The Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 2 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set is a product which the main feature that many people like is, that is made in the USA. Beyond that, the pole reach 12 inches from the pole which is 85’’ tall, and is made of heavy duty steel  coated with black powder, being the diameter of the tube of the pole 3 inches, he pole is attached to the ground with a twister ground socket of 21 inches.The Set includes the arms, the pole, and the baffle,is strong enough to hang a couple of medium weight feeders doing the intended job efficiently.



     The height of the pole makes very difficult

      for the squirrel to get to the seeds storage.


    Really good customer service.


     Easy to assemble.


    Even the deer can not get to the feeder.





       There is nothing negative that is significant

        enough to mentioned, and the Kettle Moraine

        Squirrel Proof 2 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set is a

        really good candidate to be the best squirrel

        proof bird feeder pole.






Buyers opinion:

Clients have an amazing positive impression about the product,and are very satisfied with the results that they achieve with it.Many of them tried many anti squirrels poles and never got rid of the squirrels.With the Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 2 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set they had their bird feeders secure and there were no bird food wasted anymore.Some people have said that it works very well with the Squirrel Solution 200 Brome Bird Feeder.

Kettle Moraine Squirrel

Proof 4 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set

The Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 4 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set with Baffle & Twister Ground Socket displays a nice and decorative design that with its 4 arms allows to attract a great variety of birds to your garden. The product is 90 inches tall after has been setup and the hanger extends itself 12 more from the main structure.

Build from sturdy heavy duty steel, also is coated with black powder and comes with a squirrel baffle.


   Even the  pole is quite tall, it is easy to move

   and   assemble.


  The baffle can be adjusted  up and Down


  Is is made from strong material



     A little difficult to refill due to its height.







   Buyers Opinion:

Customers like the Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 4 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set because the squirrels have a lot of problems to climb it,and the baffle is adjustable so depending the weather situation, it can be moved up or down. Some persons complained that the pole is to tall and it makes difficult to refill the feeders, but this is one of the reasons why the product is an anti squirrel bird feeder pole.



           Muckaluck Enterprises, LLC MKSP2

                Squirrel Proof II Spring Device

The Squirrel Proof II Spring Device from Muckaluck Enterprises is a product that can be hang using poles or guides hooks and is intended to keep squirrels at bay with not consistent results.

The item is usable with different models of shepherd hooks and poles up to 1’’ of diameter. Multi hooks stations are well-suited also for the use of this squirrel spring hang mechanism.The product  dimensions are 48 x 13 3 inches, and its weight is o.48 ounces.



 Muckaluck Enterprises, LLC MKSP2 Squirrel Proof II Spring Device,is a set up that even it is tall and help to prevent the rodents to get to your bird feeders,the lack of baffles can be an inconvenient that can be avoided with the addition of  a baffle that suits the size of the pole.




It is not a very well known product, so there is little feedback about the performance of the bird feeder set up.





Buyers opinion:

Unfortunately because this is not a popular product yet, there is not enough feedback that could allow to release a proper review.That why ,we have decided to wait for a while before summarize the opinions about the LLC MKSP2 Squirrel Proof II Spring Device. A great product to complement this item is the Heritage Farms Auduborn Bird Squirrel Proof Feeder


Birds Choice 3 Arm Pole Package, Large, Black

With Birds Choice 3 Arm Pole Package you can hang Bird feeders, flowering arrangements and any decorative items that you want. Another nice feature is the 14 1/2" length metal baffle which is going to help to keep the seeds storage free of squirrels.

The pole diameter is a little more than an inch,and the arms extension is 12 inches of length.



Comes with a baffle to deter to get to the feeders.


Twister sink deep enough to keep stability.


The setup is not complicated and parts easy to manipulate.


Good amount of arms and branches to hang feeders.


The Best choice 3 arms doesn't show significant disadvantages.








Buyers opinion:

The Birds Choice 3 Arm Pole Package, Large, Black does not have many reviews available,but the few that we had found don't show major complaints about the product,in contrary they emphasis the sturdiness and potential durability of the item.


                            Birds Choice 2 Arm Topper Bird Feeder

                                      Pole Set with Squirrel Baffle

The Birds Choice 2 Arm Topper Bird Feeder Pole Set with Squirrel Baffle features a pole set up that is strong and durable, with two arms that are made from sturdy iron, an anti-squirrel baffle and a soil twister that can go 10 inches deep into the ground.This set consist of a soil twister, 3 pole sections of 29, 14, and 22 inches long respectively and a top that have 2 arms extensions.Another great characteristic of the Birds Choice 2 arms set is that is constructed in the USA .



The product is very sturdy.


It is easy to assemble.


The pole doesn't bend.


The twister goes deep in to the ground.



The baffle can be adjusted only slightly.








Buyers Opinion:

The most common opinion about the Birds Choice 2 Arm Topper Bird Feeder Pole Set with Squirrel Baffle is that the item is very sturdy and reliable.The twister is something that the clients has also mention as great help to make the set more stable.

The only problem that people complain about is that the adjustment of the baffle  appears to be not so straightforward.

Bird Feeding Station

J Miles UH-BS254 Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

The J Miles UH-BS254 is a bird feeding station that presents several hooks and trays, which allow hanging different kind of bird feeders and watering bowls(The set includes water containers for bird bathing) .The product is designed to attract large numbers of birds, and the same time to act as a decorative item which will make your garden more beautiful and eye-catching.



Vintage Style enhance the look of your garden,


Sturdy and dust resistant pole.


No tools required to adjust the wing nuts.


Easy Maintenance .



It is not anti squirrel.








Buyers opinion:

The clients in general express their surprise about how strong is this bird feeding station, and that the setup of the product was really easy, considering the size of it. Also people talked about the resistance against storms and strong winds.


                           Best Choice Products Deluxe Garden

                                        Bird Feeding Station Kit

The multi feeder Best Choice Products Deluxe Garden Bird Feeding Station Kit is 91 inches of height,and provides to the birds an attractive area to enjoy the seeds and also water bowls to satisfy their thirst. The product comes with 4 hooks that can hang several bird feeders and 2 stations that include a tray and a bowl for watering.The pole of the station is built from steel, and coated with an anti-rust formula that will help  to keep the bird food station in good conditions for a long time.


Forked base secured in to the soil enhance stability.


Elegant and decorative design.


Very good value for the money.


Easy to adjust the hangers.



There are not visible drawbacks that can be mentioned in this product.








Buyers opinion:

Customers like the fork shape of the basement,due to the plus in stability that this feature add to the set.the Best Choice Products Deluxe Garden Bird Feeding Station is regarded as li a strong constructed bird station and most of the clients like the look of the product.

Floor Effects Deluxe Wild Bird Feeder Pole

The Floor Effects Deluxe Wild Bird Feeder Pole kit includes a base that is formed by 3 prongs to help the balance of the pole, and the sellers have also  add extra hooks that can be used to hang diverse Birds feeders, or any arrangement that will decorate your garden. The pole is 21.5 in. wide and 92.5 in. height.The sellers also said that the product is highly durable, due that the pole is anti-rust and made of strong materials. They a refund policy that guarantee a 30 days 100% refund, if a buyer is not satisfy.


Lower hooks can be adjusted.


No tools needed to assemble.


Affordable price.


Several extra parts.


Nothing bad to say about this feeder.







Buyers opinion:

Only happy customers with this bird station.They like the stability given by the base , and the big amount of parts that the birds can enjoy,which attract a large amount and variety of them. Also several positive comments about the big size of it.

             PHI VILLA Bird Feeding Station 

PHI VILLA Bird Feeding Station Multi Feeder Hanging Kit and Bird Bath come with a 60 day return policy, which is great when you have never seen a product face to face.The product is 27 inches wide, has a height of 87.5 inches and includes the forked basement, 2 arm, 3 tube bird feeders, 1 seed tray,1 small hook, a suet feeder and a water dish. Also the bird station is anti-rust an made from heavy duty steel.It is not necessary to use tools for the assembly, just adjust the wing nuts by using your hands and place the pieces in the desired location.


Sturdy and rust-resistant.


Easy by hand assembly,with no tools needed.


Can hang many kinds of arrangements.


60 days return possibility.  


Its is not a very well known product , so there

is not too much feedback.






Buyers opinion:

Unfortunately there are not clients reviews about this product

Gray Bunny GB-6844 Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

The Gray Bunny GB-6844 Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit is the kind of setup that can attract many kind of different birds, because display several special features to draw a large variety of species to your garden. It comes with trays, hooks, water bowls and more.

The assembly is also easy, being possible to adjust the parts at different levels of the station.It is possible to detach the metal mesh and water bowls to facilitate the maintenance and hygiene of the station.


Tall enough that allows to use an anti squirrel baffle easily.


Very strong construction.


Can locate Bird feeders in desired locations.


Nice looking station.



The pole is divided in 3 pieces,which makes the parts  fit not properly enough.








Buyers opinions:

The clients like a lot this bird feeder station,because it sturdiness, aesthetic appealing,easy assembly and good value.The negative comments comes for the fact that the tube is divided in 3 parts which makes difficult to fit perfectly each other.

Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder with Pole and WeatherGuard Baffle

This bundle is a great value from Brome,  and with its sturdiness and aesthetic value make a great item not only to watch birds, but also to decorate your garden or patio. One of the highlights of the items is the WeatherGuard Baffle that protects effectively all the ports of the feeder and the same time doesn’t obstruct the view of the birds when feeding.

The installation of the pole is simply, and the only thing that you have to do is to attach its strong socket to the ground, which its 14” longitude make the structure firm and reliable without affecting the weight sensitive mechanism. Other great news is that the company gives a lifetime warranty for the product buyers.


Easy to setup.


Sturdy construction materials.


Effective protection against bad weather conditions.


Anti squirrel effective.




The plastic that is used in the interior could be of better quality.







Buyers opinions:

Most of the buyers of this Brome feeder,baffle and pole show excellent opinions when rating the product. The sturdiness, effectiveness when keeping squirrels at bay, and the excellent weather protection are the advantages that the clients mention more frequently. Without a doubt Brome has been loyal to its prestige with this great kit.   

Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 3 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set with Baffle & Twister Ground Socket

The 3 arm squirrel proof  bird feeder from Kettle Moraine is a sturdy product made from heavy duty steel and coated with black powder. The quality of the item is similar to the two others that we have covered here in our squirrel proof bird feeder review, which it means that you can rely on that the Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 3 Arm Bird Feeder Pole will have a reasonable lifetime.

Also the twister socket that is use to attach he pole to the ground is strong enough to guarantee the firmness of the link between it and the ground.

And finally we have been witness several times that due to the height and the sizable baffle, that the pole shows means that the squirrels will have a hard work to reach the bird feeders.




Well constructed.


Simple to attach to the ground.


Anti squirrel.





No major complains.








Buyers opinions:

Buyers say that this product can be easily installed and due to its sturdiness they consider it a good value product. Also some of them think that the decorative appeal of it is great, and that the product has increased the attractiveness of their garden. 


We have tried to find the squirrel proof bird feeder pole that have the most important features that the birds watchers are looking for.

This summary represents a big sample of what these days is available in the market, and we hope that you have got the information that you considered important in you effort to find the best product possible.