Squirrel Solution 200 Brome Bird Feeder

All bird lovers must have a squirrel proof bird feeder for sure.Squirrels are one of the cutest and loveliest animals,but for us, that are passionate about birdwatching can became a really big problem.

A squirrel proof feeder that is 100% effective is something that is impossible to achieve, because that little guys are so cleaver that they can irritate the most patient of the birdwatchers. But, these days thanks to the modern designs of several squirrel proof feeder producers we get rid of the majority of them.

Without a doubt one oft he most prestigious manufacturers of  bird care accessories is precisely "Brome bird care ",the designers and makers of the Squirrel Solution 200 5.5"x5.5"x30" (w/hanger) Wild Bird Feeder with 6 Feeding Ports, 3.4lb Seed Capacity, Free Seed Funnel, product which we are going to analyze.


Squirrel Solution 200 Brome 

After a great deal of research we have concluded that the Squirrel Solution 200 Brome Bird Feeder is one of the best squirrels deterrent feeders that are available this year.

What it does?

This great product works closing the holes of the ports with the weight of the squirrels, shutting off the seeds container every time that they stand on it.

Inside contains a tube that pushes the seeds outside, helping to provide a good view of the seeds storage level. Another great characteristic, is that the inside set of the ports prevent the seeds to get drenched.Anyways we are real fans of that adage that says that "1 video worth more a million words,so lets go and watch what Brome has to show us about the great  Squirrel Solution 200 5.5"x5.5"x30" (w/hanger) Wild Bird Feeder with 6 Feeding Ports, 3.4lb Seed Capacity, Free Seed Funnel.


The robust metal that the poles, cover and cage are made from, give to this item a reliable aspect, that together with the ornamental metal leaves top that shelter the feeding area make this product a great looking bird feeder.

How to fill and dismantle the Solution 200.

After pressure the button and lift the cover, detach the wire and remove the base nut.Then take away the structure from the enclosure, push the tabs and pull them to release it.

Lastly, you can wash it manually with a soapy solution or a soft mixture of bleach and water.


Sturdiness and Durability

Anti-wetness seeds storage area.

Great look that enhances the aspect of your patio.


The shape of the bird stand locations is a minor drawback, being a good idea if they brim out on the end of it, doing it more comfortable for them.

Customers Opinion:

Out of 339 clients on Amazon 79% gave to this product a 5 stars rating making a 4.5 coalification from 1 to 5, which is a quite eloquent indicator of the reception that this feeder has  found from the bird watchers.

The opinion that you can recurrently see is that it is an item in which you can relay and it really keep the squirrels out from their bird’s food.

Many of the buyers also say that the sturdiness of the squirrel solution 200 is the feature that makes the product a great value.

Some say that the seeds fell down from the feeder too often, but in it seems to me that the general level of satisfaction seems to be very high.

Brome Bird Feeders History

The Brome Bird Feeders are products made for the prestigious firm “Squirrel Buster” which established in Quebec has been a leading producers of anti squirrel products for years.

The design of all the bird feeders is similar and the idea is to make that the seeds port be closed any time that a squirrel lands his weight on it, but without causing injury to him.

One of the main goals declared for the company is to make simple but useful items that can be easily repaired and maintained by the owners. Also they are recognized for the use environmentally friendly materials that can have long life, without be worn out or useless easily.

Brome Feeders Models

Brome Birds Customer Care

This producer makes sure that always staff ready to help their clients and also carry an ample inventory of spare parts that will help the users in their DIY maintaining tasks.

Also the fact that spare parts will be always accessible is going to help with the environment goals of the company avoiding the unnecessary dispose of the Brome bird feeders.

A numerous and efficient group of  person is waiting to attend the necessities of the buyers that are in need of help or information.

Brome Feeders Bird Watching

How to choose the right Brome bird feeders?

The most important factors to take in account when choosing your Brome feeder are the kind of place that you want to locate your bird feeder, and the other one is Which kind of birds you want to attract.

Regarding the area that is intended the feeder to be placed is good idea to choose a product that match the landscape in which is going to be. Is this a patio with a lot of vegetation, or is a terrace that emphasis the furniture decoration.  Broome Bird feeders come in many styles and can be adapted to the most kinds of gardens.

The variety of birds that are desired to visit your house is important when thinking about the decision of which Brome feeder you are going to buy. Small feeders and big birds don’t match well, so the size in this case matters a lot.  It is helpful to get several type o products, so you can see by yourself which birds are attracted to each bird feeder.

Also, do you want a feeder that you can hang from a tree or a platform or an item that is just to be put on the ground. You need a product that is anti-rodents, or in your area this is not a big issue.

Another point that is useful to think about is the ideal Brome bird feeder is the one that is easy to maintain all year round and keep the food unspoiled and healthy to appeal to the biggest amount of birds possible. We have to think that in winter natural food is a scarce resource, so the attraction of your feeder is going to increase. Also in the harsh season the birds have to consume much more food to keep them warm.