Myard Double Sided Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Most bird lovers enjoy not only seeing birds fly around near them but they also love feeding them. Birds are an awesome sight to behold. More so, having the company of birds in your backyard can be quite a delight. Birds are drawn by seeds, therefore finding the best feeder will ensure that these feathery friends come visiting often.The Myard ROCKET Double Sided bird feeder is the best option for someone looking to lure more birds to their backyard, This feeder is best for this job because of the following features;

1) The body of the feeder is made of powder-coated steel that makes it durable as well as enhances its beauty. This further acts as an accessory to your backyard.

2) The process of assembling it is simple since you only require nuts, a crossbar and four types of screws that will help you screw all the necessary parts together. Installing it thereafter is also a simple task.


3) The feeder has a metal hanger that enables you to hang it anywhere around your backyard.

4) The Myard ROCKET Double Sided bird feeder is squirrel proof. The perch closes when a squirrel lands on the feeder, thereby blocking it from accessing the seeds.

- This feature also helps in ensuring that the seeds are eaten only by birds, thereby saving you time and money needed to refill the seeds.

5) The feeder comes with an easy to fill and clean design that makes it more fun and easy to maintain.

6) Unlike other feeders, the Myard ROCKET Double Sided bird feeder has two sides that allow more birds to feed at the same time. This feature attracts many more birds to your backyard.

7) An even more special feature is that the spring force on the perch can be adjusted as often as you want. This is necessary so that it caters for different sizes and weights of birds that come to feed at the feeder.

-Additionally, the perch length can be extended thereby giving room to both small and big birds to feed.

- This feature helps to ensure that you do not lock out other birds from accessing the feeder on your backyard. Therefore giving you the opportunity of attracting more birds of various types and sizes.

8) The size of this feeder is such that it is able to hold as many mixed seeds as it can thereby reducing the trips made to refill the feeder.

- By reducing the number of trips made to refill the feeder, you are able to dedicate more time watching birds fly in and out of the feeder. Additionally, you reduce the chances of scaring the birds away by giving them the chance to feed freely without any kind of interference.

The Myard ROCKET Double Sided bird feeder, when properly placed and filled with a variety of seeds placed inside it, you are guaranteed a continuous flow of birds to your backyard all year round.

Buy one today and change your bird watching experience right from the comfort of your home.