More Ways To Keep Squirrels Off of Your Feeder

In case that you are using a feeder that is set up over a pole, but you still have squirrels eating your bird’s food, you can get a squirrel guard that acts like bird feeder squirrel protection.These are baffles, that you connect under the feeder, which bend down in the opposite direction of the setting ,providing a barrier against the negatives effect of the squirrels.

In order to make this settings works properly, it is necessary that they are tall enough to prevent the easy access of the squirrels.

Hang the feeder from a wire attached to two poles inserted in the soil of the area where you feed the birds, becoming a no squirrel bird feeder.

The other strategy is to set up an area at some reasonable distance from the squirrel free bird feeder specially designed to feed the squirrels.

Using a spinning squirrel proof bird feeder. These are a motor driven battery weight triggered squirrel deterrent bird feeder. They keep them away allowing the birds to eat and save food naturally.

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