How To Attract Birds To Your Feeder.

Everybody loves songbirds and like to watch them in their backyards. Are there custom bird feeders or custom manufactured birdhouses that will attract specific birds?

Given a choice, each species of bird prefers a specific kind or type of food and a specific size cavity or platform to build a nest. The key is to figure out the five W’s and the one H; What, Who, When, Why, Where and How to attract birds to your feeder.

The first thing to keep at the top of the priority list is that each living organism needs three things to survive which are Water, Food, and Shelter. When you apply this principle to songbirds, we have to figure out what type of birdseed or food each bird prefers, provide a safe clean water source, and for nesting provide the best possible nesting box or platform for the bird we need to attract.

Another thing to consider is to ensure you have at minimum two types of feeders. The first being a feeder for mixed seed and the second is a thorn feeder. Regardless of where you live these two feeders can possibly attract around 90% of the birds in your area.

The mixed seed feeder can contain numerous types of seed depending on your situation. In the event that seed hauls and seeds growing underneath the feeder isn’t an issue than utilizing Black Oil Sunflower seed or a quality songbird or premium seed mix is an insightful choice. If that seed hauls and germination is a concern than utilizing Hauled Sunflower Seeds is an incredible choice, however, be prepare to pay a premium price for this seed choice.

Custom bird feeders become possibly the most important factor when we talk about Thistle, or Nyjer, seed. Thorn seed is a little seed and requires a specific kind of feeder. There are numerous choices one can purchase for this type of feeder, but recall that you get what you pay for. A portion of the numerous birds that incline toward thorn seed are Finches and Pine Siskins.

The third piece of attracting birds is to provide a nesting box, which additionally might be utilized for shelter in harsh weather. some birds nest in a cavity while others will just nest on some type of open nest like a platform or in the groin of a tree. The size of the cavity matters and additionally the area of the nesting box also.

When it comes to nesting boxes there are numerous options to acquire them from making your own custom build birdhouses to getting one effectively made. Simply make sure to ensure the nesting box is produced using quality materials and is specific for the bird you need to attract. Likewise, ensure the nesting box you make or purchase does not have a peg.

Ultimately and the most imperative element to attract birds is water. Ensure your water sources are clean and safe for your birds and close to three inches down. All water sources for songbirds ought to be somewhere around three feet off the ground and in excess of five feet from shrubberies and trees to prevent predators from holding up in ambush.