Heritage Farms Auduborn Bird Squirrel Proof Feeder


Birds do offer some good company at home. You can play with them just to get off some stressful event from your head. It is an activity you will find solace in doing. To have them stay lively, you got to feed them well. You ought to feed them with food that offers all the needed nutrients. These foods not only supply the needed nutrients to your bird but also gets rid of mood disorders. It will ensure your bird stays in an active mood always.

Also you are going to need a good bird feeder that will help you to keep the  squirrels at bay.

The market has been very kind to offer a variety of bird feeders. Before buying one, you need to consider some of the most fundamental features.

One of the best value feeders at hand is Heritage Farms Audubon Bird’s Feeder.

This item picks birds to feed by a regulating weight mechanism on activated post which closes the access of the squirrels to the seeds. Also the product can keep up to 9 pounds of bird food using the single sided feeder, which is designed for a better view of the birds when they are eating. The size of the feeder is big enough that allow the filling of the container to be executed not so often.

The filling and cleaning of the bird feeder is made by lifting the lift of it, and besides that, the item comes with a food level display window that help you to check when the feeder needs to be refilled.

Another useful feature is the saver baffle that prevents the seeds to be wasted.

To protect the seeds from the rain, the item has an overhanging roof that keeps the food dry and secure.

It is accompanied with the following features:

• It has a long-lasting powder coated and steel body

• Locking top

• Can hang from a pole mount or tree branch

• Can hold at least 9 lbs. of seed

• Completely assembled

• Resistant to squirrels for sometime


This bird feeder is parked with a number of advantages. These advantages accrue from the features used in enhancing the functionality of this bird feeder. Below are some of the advantages:

• Lightweight thus making it more portable. You can easily move it from one place to another.

• Completely assembled, this means you will start using it immediately. You will not need a professional to come around and tutor you on how to use it.

• Holds a good number of seeds, so your birds can eat their fill.

• Durable. This means you will have to use it for a reasonable time before replacing it.


• Many Holes. These holes allow seeds in the wake of moisture.

• Weak bracket. As a result, the feeder will instantly start slipping once hanged on a tree branch.


Heritage Farms Audubon Bird’s Feeder is one of the present-day bird feeders. It has been designed with a number of features needed in executing its mandate. However, one needs to look at its pros and compare with cons prior to purchasing it. This comes in handy to guarantee value for money.