Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder

Before to talk about what is a Squirrel proof suet feeder it is a good idea to learn what is suet. To make it simply to understand, we are going to say that suet is just fat that comes from mutton or beef. There are many birds that are very fond to eat this kind of fat and beside that, is good to use suet for birds food because its metabolism and digestion is adequate for the nature of many types of birds.

Due that suet gets rotten easily, some bird watcher invented in the past the famous suet cakes, that mixed sometimes the rendered and free of impurities suet with dried fruits, corn meal or peanuts and presents a better hot weather resistant food that combined with all the positive properties of the suet results in a great product.

In a nutshell these are squirrel proof bird feeders that are designed to put cakes inside it.

Having said that is time to review which are the  best Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder available today.

ERVA Squirrel Proof Double Oversize Suet Cake Feeder

The Erva Copper Caged Double Suet Feeder, besides to attract a great variety of birds, also gives to your garden a lovely look with its colorful copper shade decorative design. Displaying a diameter of  14” the unit aspect is improved by its original pattern and creative polish.

The black mesh consist of a square of 15” from the base to the top, that circumventing the feeder area is able to host 2 suet cake holders that can be easily filled from the opened top.

The openings that the feeder shows make easy for the small birds to have access to the feeding area meanwhile keep at bay bigger birds and rodents.

The feeder comes with a plastic coated cable that make possible to hang it easily, and also have a movable clamp that secures the roof to the top of it.

The feeder is made in the US and consist of sturdy metal raw materials and its easy disassemble makes the item easy to clean helping the durability of it.


Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 9 in.

Weight: 3.2 lbs.

The Nuttery NC001 Hexihaus Compact Suet Feeder

The Nuttery NC001 Hexihaus Compact Suet Feeder with its different design, is intended to appeal to as many types of birds as possible and for the whole year, its hopper is easy to fill and made in a way that is practical and incorporated ingeniously in the item. Also can be assembled and disassembled simply which allows it to be cleaned regularly,helping to extend the lifespan of the product.

The sellers put a lot of emphasis in the fact that the product is made of the best materials available and building techniques.

When you buy the product you are going to get an anti squirrel feeder that is able to hold 2 suet cakes, and consist of a blue sky color decorative item which its dimensions are: 9″ High x 10″ Width x 9.7″ Depth and a weight of 2.42 lbs.

Stokes Select Four Cake Suet Buffet Bird Feeder

The fact that there are 4 spots to locate the cakes makes possible that different kinds of food can be placed. This feature gives the alternative that more kind of birds can be attracted. Also the set up consist of an original grid that is thought with the intention of making easier for the birds to access the feeder.

The durability of the product is helped by the powder coated top and bottom which enhance the protection against the inclemency of the bad weather.

The item shows a closure that consists of a double locking system to keep the food safe and without alterations.

The Nuttery NC002 Hexihaus Suet Feeder

With dimensions of 13.3″ High x 10″ Width x 9.7″ Depth, the The Nuttery NC002 Hexihaus Suet Feeder is intended to draw an ample type of birds. The Chinese origin item, is easy to use and has a built in hopper that works in an intelligent way helping to deny access to the annoying squirrels.

Its capacity is from 1 to 3 suet cakes and with its attractive looking, improves the aspect of the garden. The construction of the item is of a good quality and its assembly and disassembly is simple and easy to do. The only drawback is that there are reports that say that the feeder can hold only 2 standard size suet cakes and not 3 like mentioned in their description.

Hiatt Manufacturing Squirrel Proof Double Suet Bird Feeder

Hiatt Manufacturing Squirrel Proof Double Suet Bird Feeder is built of solid metal and with its anti bad climate finish is prepared to stay usable for long time. The mission that the producers were thinking to accomplish when they designed the item is mostly achieved. Squirrels and big birds have big problems to get access inside the feeder, and saying that the product is anti squirrel is not an exaggeration. The feeder is able to hold 2 suet cakes and is mainly designed to be hanged.

The diameter is 9.5”,that is enough to attract plenty of small birds.

Stokes Select Double Suet Bird Feeder, Two Suet Capacity

The product allows feed many birds at the same time, attracting them to enjoy naturally the suet cakes that in pairs can be displayed in the feeder. The design of the item is simple and efficient, which combined with high quality materials, makes the Stokes Select Double Suet Bird Feeder a great value for the money.

Just be aware that the feeder has to be in a place that is difficult to get by squirrels, otherwise the will figure out how to reach the suet cakes.


The design is intended to allow as many birds as possible to hang from the feeder.

The product has a double lock mechanism to assure the cakes to be accessed only for birds.

ModeWing Suet Feeder for Birds


Made from anti-corrosion cedar wood the ModeWing Suet Feeder for Birds, have a look that is attractive for a wide variety of birds, and together with the great woodworking will give a great improvement to the landscape of any garden. The durability of the cedar wood, guarantees that the item is not going to crack or warp easily.

Also the feeder is not difficult to clean due that the top is easy to remove.

The sellers put special emphasis in the necessity of the cleaning and sterilizing of the item in order to care of the birds that are fed from it.

Songbird Essentials SE6000 Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace

The feeder is well constructed and looks sturdy, but the problem is with the chains and the wire that comes with it.There are too thin and some buyers have reported that when they hang the feeder the chains cannot resist the weight of the feeder. Another problem with the design of the product is that the chains are attached to the roof of the item which makes impossible for the roof to be removed.

In general is a good product, but it would be a good idea to make the roof removable to facilitate the cleaning of the feeder.

Nature’s Way Bird  CWF2 Cedar Suet Upside-Down Bird Feeder

The construction of the Nature’s Way Bird Products CWF2 Cedar Suet Upside-Down Bird Feeder has been specially thought to stay for long time. The durability of the renown anti insects and rot resistant cedar wood combined with the stainless steel screws, make this item a product that will have a long lifetime.

The upside down set up that can hold multiple suet cakes, help to keep the undesirable big birds at bay, allowing only birds that feel comfortable to be fed in that position to enjoy your bird food.

The filling of the feeder is facilitated for the wide opening of the keyhole roof.

Birds Choice 2-Cake Hanging Suet Feeder

The products has dimensions of 6 x 5 x 8 inches and the Item Weight is 1 lbs., and is made from cedar wood, is able to keep 2 suet cakes in a two suet grids. It also contains an eye hook to help the hanging of it.

The feeder is sturdier than many of the products available in the market and birds seem to love it, but the drawback is that the squirrels manage to open the cages very easily. The solution to this problem is to secure the closing mechanism a little more firmly with some kind of wire.


As we have seen, choices of Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder are wide, and the decision have more to do with which are the features that we want to get than anything else. The size of the items is something that the interested have to analyze carefully. The number of birds that the feeder can attract is directly related to it.

Also the type of birds that the buyer want to have in his garden is something that have to be taken in to account when buying a suet cake feeder.

We have shown a diverse array of products in order to give alternatives for the interested persons, and we sincerely hope that we have made the choice of buying your feeder easier.

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