Audubon “Mini” Absolute Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder


If you have a small yard and are in need of the best squirrel proof bird feeder, the Auduborn “mini”absolute resistant bird feeder is the right product for you,because that the fact that is double sided will be able to attract numerous birds to your yard, and at the same time due to its size, it will help to make  an efficient use of your space. Another advantage of this bird feeder is that has 2 adjustable counter balance perches that allow 3 bird sizes on them.

The window allows checking the level of seeds that are inside the container, and if is necessary to refill it, the process is easy to do and only it is needed to unlock the squirrel proof roof and then lift it to complete the operation.

The feeder metal perches are spring activated and together with the locking roof avoid the access of the small creatures to it.

The durability of the Auduborn mini absolute squirrel resistant is guaranteed by the steel body that helped by the overhanging roof,  prevent the effect of the bad weather. The powdered coating is utilized to minimize the  negative effects of the small creatures that populate our gardens. and also the item can be hanged with a heavy duty hanger that is included with it.

An aspect that many people like from this feeder is that they feel that it is not cruel with squirrels  which is achieved with the action of the perches that get close before that the squirrels have any chance to get stuck. At the end, they learn that for them is much more practical to eat the few seeds that fell to the ground.


  • Good size to keep bigger birds away ,and adjusting the perch as taught make starlings and other big birds not able to feed themselves only to have the access closed due of their weight.
  • The small size of the Audubon “Mini” Absolute Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder make it easy to manage, resulting in an easy cleaning and filling of the bird feeder.
  • Small birds get food easily and most of the seeds are not wasted.
  • Quality has been kept overtime by the producers of this lovely squirrel resistant feeder.



  • The negative side of the Auduborn Mini's size, is that you have to be alert and refill the  feeder often.
  • Sometimes squirrels manage to unscrew the bolts that are used in several parts of the feeder.


Customers say:

Some persons like the feeder because due to its size is easy to handle, but others say that because is too small, they have to refill it too often.

Also some buyers complained that the bird feeder arrived with the incomplete set of screws.

The general opinion is that the product is sturdy and predict a long lifespan, due that the body is made from coated steel.


Our experts have concluded that the Audubon "Mini" Absolute Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7458,  is  a bird feeder that is for people that don't have a lot of space at home, or for different reasons they need an item that is easy to manipulate.If you like to watch big birds this is not the bird feeder for you.The product is mostly squirrel proof , but is also anti big birds.

The construction is the high quality,but a good idea for the producers is to double check the amount of screws that are included with the item,because it is a common complain  that the screw set is not complete.