Audubon 74240 Chalet Metal Hopper Bird Feeder


The main characteristic of this bird feeder is that it is double sided, so the birds can approach the feeding area from both sides of it. This feature is useful in the sense that the birds can eat without bothering each other. Also the item has a cupule roof that helps to keep the food dry protecting it from the inclemency of the bad weather.

Also the seed no waste buffer is also mentioned as a feature that makes this feeder stand out from other products.

The capacity of the food container is 4 pounds, which makes possible to refill it less often.Anti chewing and sturdy raw material become a highlight that worth to highlight as preponderant when talking about this cute bird feeder.

A summary of  the specifications and features that we have collected for our Auduborn 74240 review are:

Made from thick material, the 74240 bird feeder just not look sturdy, also its construction is of high quality. This item shows a clear looking glass that allows an easy view of the seeds by the birds, also the plastic doesn’t discolor overtime when meets bad weather.

The feeder stays dry and free of moisture, something that is not easy to achieve by many bird feeders.


Customers Opinion

Most of the buyers say that the feeder can store a good amount of food, which is great when you don’t have enough time to refill it very often. About the food they says that the bird feeder do a good job when we talk about moisture, keeping the seeds dry and in the right place ,without falling all over the place like it happens with many bird feeders.

Another feature that persons seems to love is the color of the product, that without been to bright, gives a lively look to the area.


Sturdiness is one of the most important advantages that we have found out about this feeder,that without been the srongest available in the market ,it is strong enough to guarantee a decent lifetime.

The other great characteristic that the majority of people highlighted is the big capacity of the seeds storage unit.


Some people thinks that this proof squirrel bird feeder is too heavy and when the item is full of food is difficult to manipulate,but this issue is a trade off with the great capacity of bird food container that this product shows.

Another person was happy with the product, but he thought that if the manufacturers could use regular screws instead the very small ones that get broken too easily.


The squirrel proof bird feeder experts team have arrived to the conclusion that this product is definitely a good value item.

Without been the top quality in the market, the feeder shows  affordability for people that is looking for something that is not too expensive,but at the same time don't want to waste their hardly earned money.

The product display a great look, even though some people prefer more natural colors,the feeder gives to the area a touch of  life that is always welcome in our garden.

And last but not least,we think that this bird feeder is going to give us a reasonable amount of time to enjoy it.

We,the squirrel proof bird feeder experts team, hope that this review has been helpful,and you can get the best choice of bird feeder for the money.