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Our Mission

As environmental enthusiasts, it is our job to appreciate every aspect of the beautiful world that we are all lucky enough to call home. From natural habitats to the urban realm in which many of us dwell; there are sights, sounds, smells, and feelings that sometimes are plain-out ignored. Unfortunately it’s become nothing more than a cliché in today’s society, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with stopping and smelling the roses.

Installing a bird feeder or two in your yard is a fantastic way of inviting nature to your front door. By merely peering out your window, you are able to see copious amounts of wild bird species’. However, the entranced birds may come in contact with some competition. Squirrels, deer, and chipmunks are just a couple of adorable creatures that you can unknowingly attract by putting up a bird feeder in your yard. Well that sounds awesome right? WRONG. Although they are fun to admire, these animals ultimately become a nuisance.

Financially speaking, purchasing bird seed shouldn’t exactly become a regular recurring expense. The food is meant for birds, not for all of the neighborhood animals. Going through so much bird seed will really start to add up. So how can we combat this? What about a squirrel-proof feeder? In a way, its the best of both worlds. The birds are still welcomed with open arms, but other sneaky animals don’t stand a chance. No harm comes of these animals, they simply cannot get to the seed. With nothing more than a superior design model to other feeders, all your boxes can be checked without breaking the bank or meddling in the lives of these astounding wild animals.